Driver-Head-Shapes and Dimensions

Round Driver Head Pear Driver Head Extended Back Driver Head Square Driver Head
Round Head Pear Head Extended Back Head SquareHead

The USGA rules for driver-head-shapes and dimensions states that:

When the club is in a 60 degree lie angle, the dimensions of the clubhead must be such that:

The distance from the heel to the toe of the clubhead is not greater than 5 inches (127 mm)

The distance from the heel to the toe of the clubhead is greater than the distance from the face to the back.

The distance from the sole to the crown of the clubhead, including any permitted features, is not greater than 2.8 inches (71.12 mm).

These dimensions are measured on horizontal lines between vertical projections of the outermost points of: the heel and the toe; and the face and the back and on vertical lines between the horizontal projections of the outermost points of the sole and the crown dimension.


Overall length of your driver, for the U.S.G.A. is not to exceed 48 inches when placed in it's playing position, measured as the image below indicates.

An interesting note here is that the Long Driving Associations measures their length with the driver resting up against a wall, and cannot exceed 50 inches.  

When looking at golf drivers, and their driver-head-shapes, you have to bear in mind that there are many golf drivers that do not adhere to the laws and regulations of golf. There are shapes as well as characteristics of the driver that have been changed, and these minute changes may not be seen with the naked eye.

There are many reasons as to why these golf clubs do not adhere to the performance and uphold the standards of the law. Their head sizes maybe larger than the regulations or they have other features that cause the ball to go further than a legal driver. In essence, an illegal driver is one that unfairly assists the player to achieve longer and straighter drives.

These illegal drivers are mainly used for your typical game of golf on a Sunday afternoon with a few friends. They cannot be used professionally. Should you be a high handicapper, these illegal clubs are the way to go provided you are only playing socially. They would guarantee an improvement in your game and performance. You will in no time find yourself level with the rest of the group and your previous performance will be bettered ten fold.

The illegal high handicap performance drivers could be purchased on line as well as at a wholesale. There is one in China that guarantees some of the most decent illegal drivers on the market at the moment.

There are golf drivers of every sort that are made in the illegal range. Some of them are tailor made to suit any person that is willing to buy. Your handicap will be catered for and then some. Some of the largest golf manufacturers are at the moment going in to this, the reason being that they are wanting to give assistance to those that love the game and to help them wherever they are able