(Black) Driver

Krank's Tri-sleeve adapter.

KrankformulaFirePro is USGA Conforming  

Rated For Average Drives of 260 Yards or Longer 

Swing Speed Rated for 105 mph and higher

The KrankformulaFirePRO is 100% handmade, 100% cupped faced and forged. Not a cast driver. The Driver encompasses outrageous ball speeds and stability.

From triple plasma welding, the latest hardened (Pure Titanium /Grade.4) Beta Titanium, to added sole plate louver placement for maximum energy transfer back to the golf ball. It pushes every possible advantage to gain performance.

Available in Black Only

Right and Left-Handed.

Lofts: 7.5, 9, 10.5, 10.5 (12 degrees)

$ 499.00 CDN. (Head only

The KrankformulaFirePro driver is a cupped faced forged adjustable driver. The Tri-Sleeve Adapter allows for maximum adjustment without turning the shaft in the driver. We pure all of our shafts. This tri-sleeve adapter is a big advantage to other adapters which require turning the shaft to make all adjustments.

COR is the measurement of how a ball, slingshots off the face of a driver. The conforming COR limit of the USGA is .830. The KrankformulaFirePro COR is .830.

Features of KrankFormulaFirePro

  1. Exclusive Maximum Energy Transfer (MET) Technology, which simply means our golf drivers store and releases energy back to the ball better than any golf driver in the world. Golf driver performance is far more than just how the face performs. The rigidity of the body of the driver plays a significant role in ball speed, spin control, directional control, and energy storage.
  2. Directing airflow over the crown for increased stability on swing path and increases club head speed.
  3. Additional body rigidity in the crown of the driver head to minimize body deformation at impact. Storing energy forward in the head and releasing that energy back to the ball more quickly is critical for increased ball speeds.
  4. Body rigidity is one of the most important performance features in all Krank Golf drivers. The heel and toe louvers create substantial strength in those areas which assist in straighter hitting on off center strikes.


7-8% Higher Ball Speed = 10-12% Distance Gain!

LONGER DISTANCE- 20-40 Yards in Increased Driving Distance.

MORE ACCURACY- The driver creates a lighter, more flexible face. The 100% Cupped Faced Forged design increases the size of the sweet spot, leading to greater forgiveness, and increasing the ball speed immediately after impact.

MORE DURABILITY- The titanium driver faces are over 4 times harder than cast driver faces. Allowing us to micro-CNC mill the face thinner for faster ball speeds, better spin control and anti-face flatting durability.


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