Follow the SCIENCE! It’s not that complicated. Don’t settle for thick faced drivers anymore! Check out the new krank formula fire driver heads.

At Krank Golf they specialize in Extreme Driver performance. (High COR/CT Drivers)  For over 21 years they have continued to push the boundaries of what makes a driver hit straighter and longer down the fairway. From 26 World Long Drive Championships to making the undisputed longest hitting drivers for the medium to slower swing speed golfers.  They cover every golfer, at every age and at every swing speed.

Why does Krank formula fire driver heads come in 2 different thicknesses?

WHY DO THEY DO THAT???  It is simple science and it is called TRAMPOLINE EFFECT! The slowest swing speed golfers SHOULD NOT be forced to hit the same driver face thickness as do the fastest swing speeds.


Krank Golf with their new krank formula fire heads matches your swing speed to the proper face thickness, so you can maximize your distance off the tee box.

Why does virtually every golf driver manufacturer today only make one driver face thickness for all swing speeds, all ages, Men, Women and Children?


THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION! Well, those days are over! Krank Golf is committed to making sure ALL golfers get their fair Driver Face Spring Effect on every swing regardless of how fast or how slow they swing. The Krank Formula Fire XX, X will add significant distance for all swing speeds, especially the medium to slower swing speed golfers.

You will average 20 to 40 more yards depending on how much roll you get on the golf course you play on. This simple truth is, they are adding ball speed and reducing ball spin, that equals longer drives!  This is not magic. It is pure science. They are increasing driver face trampoline effect for all swing speeds, especially the middle and slower swing speeds.

We are making sure all swing speeds have the same fair driver face trampoline effect!

The USGA uses a device called a CT Machine (Characteristic Time) to measure the Driver Face Spring Effect (Trampoline Effect). This CT Machine drops a pendulum ball on the face of the driver and measures how long it stays on the face. The maximum time it can stay on the face is 257 microseconds. So, any driver that exceeds 257 microseconds cannot be on the USGA Driver conforming list.


The higher the number, the higher the driver face spring effect. Here are the CT numbers for the Krank formula fire drivers.

Krank Formula FIRE XX Average Driving Distance Under 200 Yards–Swing Speed < 85 mph 

Super High COR – Approx. 400 CT

Available in Lofts: 9, 10.5, 10.5+ (12degrees), 14 degrees

Right and Left Handed


Krank Formula FIRE X Average Driving Distance between 200 and 260 Yards

Swing Speeds 85-105 mph

High COR Approx. 340 CT

Available in Lofts: 9, 10.5, 10.5+ (12 degrees)

Right and Left Handed


$ 499.00 (Head Only)


Grafalloy Pro Launch 45's

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Graphite Shaft. The tip responsive design of ProLaunch Blue allows for maximum distance to be achieved through improved launch angles and carry distances

  • 2 Different Driver Face Thicknesses
  • Match Your Swing Speed To The Driver Face Thickness
  • Gain 20 to 40 More Yards Off The Tee Box
  • Get Maximum Ball Speed For Every Swing Speed
  • Fully Adjustable – Loft, Lie and Face Angle
  • Deep Cupped Face Forged “Super Hardened” Beta Titanium
  • 100% Handmade
  • Maximum Body Rigidity For Extreme Energy Transfer
  • Weight Management System
  • High COR Technology*


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