All you need to Know about your Driver Head!

Walking through your favorite golf store, looking for that magical driver, in amongst all those golf clubs, can be such an intimidating journey.

You have too many choices offered by all of the original equipment makers, ie: Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Nike-they with their multi million dollar marketing budgets. The list goes on and on.

“The best set of golf clubs any golfer will ever buy will be a set of true custom golf clubs, fit and built by a professional club maker using the very best quality and performing club head, shaft and grip designs.”

In regard to your driver head, basically if they come from a reputable manufacturer, they are all the same as they must comply to The Rules of the U.S.G.A.-rules on equipment. Fancy colours, weird shapes, weighted screws, slots everywhere, all kinds of gimmicks to pry those dollars out of your pocket, don't serve a whole lot of purposes. Make sure you get what you are paying for.

What you need to know is: What you are actually buying? It not only must comply with the U.S.G.A’s Rules, but what is its moment of inertia, true loft, lie, face angle, center of gravity (sweet spot), vertical roll radius, COR, etc. etc. Hopefully we can take some of the mystery out of your choice.

Some had technologies you need to look for are listed below, with links to a full explanation for each.


Manufacturing a Head

Shapes and Dimensions of Heads

Volume of Heads

Face Design of Heads

Get the Right Loft

What is Driver Lie Angle

Face Angle

Face Progression and Offset

Center of Gravity

The M.O.I. of a Head

Gear Effect Explained

C.O.R.-Characteristic Time Explained

New Vertical Roll DesignGraduated Roll Technology

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