797HS and 319RS Rails

Further hybrid designs from Tom Wishon, as he continues to set the bar for futuristic designs. Wishonhybrids have always been the leading technology advancements in their designs. Here are two of Wishon's hybrids designs that continue his historical introductions to this ever more popular section of golf clubs.




Expanding upon the previous Wishon hybrid rail series design, the 319RS features an updated look with brushed stainless steel aerodynamic twin rails to allow for enhanced smooth travel through tall grass and Bermuda type grasses while maintaining completely normal performance on short fairway turf.

  • Special custom heat treatment process enables the 431 stainless steel face to be made thinner to increase smash factor for more distance beyond what is normal for cast hybrid head designs
  • Increased body weight at the rear of the head combines with the heavy Rail sole construction to create a lower/more rear Center of Gravity for higher launch and softer landing on the greens.
  • Face Progression is in between a fairway wood and iron to offer a very pleasing look behind the ball.
  • Twin Weight Bores allow a maximum addition of 18g to the head to offer custom assembly to a very wide range of swingweights (MOI) with different shaft weights and grip weights.
  • 0.335” parallel bore diameter design to match with any of Wishon Golf’s
    S2S Hybrid shaft designs.
  • Available in RH in a striking black finish is #3, 4, 5. Left hand available in #4 only.




Golf’s new Wishonhybrids, 797HS offer a high COR face design with slightly stronger lofts to deliver more distance when used off the tee on tight holes or longer par-3 holes.  

The 797HS is also designed with three weight bores to allow as much as a 27 gram increase to the headweight, allowing clubmakers to build to a wide variety of shorter custom lengths at normal swingweights to achieve much better control and consistency with little to no loss of distance.  Designed with a slightly more narrow body shape with progressively taller face height, when set behind the ball the Wishon hybrids 797HS look incredibly easy to hit consistently high to achieve maximum carry distance.

  • C455 high strength steel alloy face delivers higher COR for higher ball speed and greater distance.

  • Unique 797HS head design combines a slightly more narrow body shape with slightly taller face height to offer a confident look behind the ball and less chance of hitting under the shot from fluffy rough. 

  • 33 to 35mm progressive face height combines with thicker sole section to offer a slightly higher CG to generate penetrating shot trajectory with  adequate height, good for use off the tee on tight holes or long par-3 holes.

  • Body and hosel are investment cast from 431 stainless with heat treatment to allow bending the hosel 2-3° for custom lie and face angle fitting needs.

  • Industry standard hybrid lengths are as much as 2” longer than an iron with the same loft.  The twin sole weight bores on the 797HS combine with the hosel weight bore to enable clubmakers to add as much as 27g to the headweight to allow assembly to shorter lengths for more control, consistency and proper distance to ensure proper distance gaps, down to the irons.  Wishon Golf has proven hybrid lengths at or even shorter than an iron of the same loft will deliver more consistency and control without large distance gaps.



 We Use Wishonhybrids S2S Shafts

Tom Wishon Explains his use of .335 Shafts in his Hybrid Designs

I have never designed a hybrid that had any bore diameter other than 0.335″. This goes all the way back to the summer of 2002 when I was finishing up all the designs and products for our first year in operation in 2003. I had intended the first hybrid model to be 0.370 bore because I always felt hybrids should be thought of as irons to be built to the same length as the iron being replaced by the hybrid. So I designed my first hybrid shafts with a 0.370 tip to match the 0.370 bore of the hybrid.

Initial testing of this combination was a little less than desirable because shot heights were not as high as I had hoped from this combination. I had set the CG low and back in the head so that was not the issue. Then I had this idea that if I changed the shaft to have a smaller tip diameter it could help the shaft increase launch angle from the tip being more flexible. But to prevent that from making the shaft feel too limber I had to do a lot of work changing the middle of the shaft’s stiffness to offset what the smaller tip was doing. Net result was very good as the testing with this new 0.335 tip design shaft was great with the hybrid head model. Hence, since then I have always used a 0.335 tip design for the shafts and to go with that, a 0.335 bore in the hybrid heads. In the process I also learned a lot about how to design the butt and middle section of hybrid shafts to create the right stiffness feel but still with having the tip section do its job to increase shot height.

Wishonhybrids shafts use the smaller, 0.335″ tip construction to create hybrid shafts which offer as much as +4° higher launch angle over conventional 0.370″ hybrid shafts.

We use S2S White Shafts for most of our Wishonhybrid builds. (73-78gms.) A, R, S flexes.

S2S Black hybrid shaft is a heavier weight (95-100gms.) for players who prefer the weight of steel in their conventional irons.

S2S Black hybrid shaft design is created for golfers with an average to stronger transition, average to faster tempo, and a later to very late release.

S2S Black hybrid shafts are available in R and S flexes for all hybrid heads with a 0.335″ bore.

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