At we use the full line of ACCRA graphite shafts, and WISHON S2S graphite series, 

ACCRA shafts are synonymous with quality, emotion, ultimate performance and feel.


Since 2004, ACCRA Golf has been positioned as the worldwide leader in the high performance golf shaft upgrade and replacement market, building long term business relationships with more than 350 professional club fitters and studios in countries all around the world.  This gives the professional club fitter the unique ability to provide golfers with the perfect fitting experience. Their fitters are selected because they are the very best in each specific market and represent them with professionalism and integrity.

The history of their Premium Golf Shafts has accompanied that of the most innovative sector of the golf industry. Their shaft sales has experienced significant growth in each of the past seven years, becoming one of the most successful launches of a new shaft brand ever.

ACCRA Golf is a division of Premium Golf Management Co. (PGMC) and is involved in the design, development, production and marketing of premium golf shafts destined specifically for the aftermarket segment.

Drawing on its technological expertise, PGMC has consolidated working relationships with the world's leading professional Club Fitters; partnerships have translated into them becoming a leader in providing the golfing public with the best custom fit shafts on the market

ACCRA iSeries Wood shafts

We use the iSeries in most of our drivers, as they have proven to us that their performance, and their price bracket, are suitable for our lines.

The iSeries wood shaft incorporates a combination of low torque and responsive tip section for a great mix of spin control and high launch. ACCRA engineers have also strengthened the butt section of the shaft to resist ovaling.  

At the butt, ACCRA has added a carbon weave material, which not only adds strength to the butt section of the shaft but also moves the CG (center of gravity) slightly more towards the butt section of the shaft. From a swing weight perspective, this counter balancing effectively makes the iSeries wood shaft an optimal choice for the new heavier driver heads. It also promotes an easier release and a draw bias, perfect for the great majority of golfers. 




Designed for the widest range of golfers with average swing characteristics…


  • S2S White is Wishon Golf’s most popular shaft for golfers with average swing characteristics: ideal for golfers with smooth to average tempo and average strength

  • S2S White retains its popular bend profile design for average golfers, designed with a slightly stiffer lower tip section to offer more control through impact for tighter dispersionS2S.
  • White hybrid shafts are for average ability golfers who need a lighter weight hybrid shaft

True Temper's HZDRUS line of Project X driver shafts have taken the Tour by storm. These hand made shafts are revolutionary and are available thru our special order.

Hzrdus Group


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