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Krank Golf is the only company in the world today that matches your swing speed to the face thickness of their remarkable metal, to maximize your driving distance.  


Here is the biggest secret and the most misunderstood issue in the game of golf today. Virtually every normal spring effect driver is rated for 115 to 120 mph swing speed to maximize its spring effect and distance. This encompasses 99% of all the drivers made in the world. The USGA and R&A put strict spring effect limitations on drivers used in USGA & R&A sanctioned golf events. To play in a sanctioned event, the driver must be on the USGA Conforming Driver list.


Here is the problem, only 1% of all golfers swing 115 mph or higher. Does that mean that the other 99% of golfers who swing slower than 115 mph have to live with the unfair reality that they will never enjoy the needed spring effect off the face of a driver because they swing slower and sometimes significantly slower? Yes, they do have to live with that reality if they are competing in a USGA sanctioned event. As unfair as it is, it is the current rules in place by the USGA and R&A. Krank Golf subscribes to the rules of golf set by the USGA and R&A when competing in a sanctioned event. That is why Krank Golf drivers have been on the USGA Conforming Driver list from the first driver we designed. Here’s the good news, only 1% of all golf is played in a USGA or R&A sanctioned event. The other 99% of golf is played in non USGA or R&A sanctioned events. This is called recreational golf. Every golfer gets to choose which club to play, how to score and how to best enjoy their game in recreational golf. Here is where the fun begins with Krank Golf. They do not believe for one second golfers who swing under 115 mph should be penalized because they swing slower off the tee box in recreational play. Every golfer should be able to choose the proper face spring effect that matches their swing speed to maximize their fun and enjoyment.


Krank Golf is the only company in the world today that matches your swing speed to the face thickness of our remarkable metal, to maximize your driving distance. They know through significant testing that when we match your swing speed to a specific face thickness, you will increase your average drive 20 to 40 yards longer down the fairway than with the driver you are hitting today. Here is what’s important to Krank Golf and should be important to you. Regardless what you think or what you thought you think about what is legal, conforming or nonconforming, it’s time to wake up to the absolute reality that it is completely unfair and ridiculous that slower swing speed and super slow swing speed golfer are held to a 115+ mph swing speed driver face spring effect in recreational play. It is far more important to enjoy the game and experience the same face spring effect benefits for your swing speed, just like the golfers who swing 115+ mph do. This applies equally to Men and Women!

KRANK'S Tri-Sleeve Adapter

The FORMULA Fire drivers are the only Cupped Faced Forged adjustable drivers in the world. The Tri-Sleeve Adapter allows for maximum adjustment without turning the shaft in the driver. We pure all of our shafts and this is a big advantage to other adapters which require turning the shaft to make any adjustments.

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Krank Fire XX, X (High COR) Newest Krank Heads

Formula 11 PRO Driver USGA Conforming, Tri-sleeve Adaptor

Formula 11 LD (long driving) USGA Conforming, Glue-in

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