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Taking the finest quality golf club components from the most respected name in golf, Tom Wishon, we here at golfclub-technology.com, since Wishon started his component business in 2001, have been custom building some of the best drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and wedges in the business,.

Founded by the custom clubmaking industry's most widely acclaimed equipment designer, Tom Wishon Golf Technology is regarded by industry experts as one of the top companies in the world engaged in golf club equipment design innovation.

After 22 years working in the component clubmaking industry and leading the research and design departments for the world's largest distributors, Tom and Mary-Ellen Wishon established Tom Wishon Golf Technology in Durango, Colorado. From offering complementary technical information to providing innovative and true performance based golf club design technologies, Tom Wishon Golf Technology has established a strong, focused relationship with thousands of clubmakers who are dedicated to building the finest custom made golf clubs available. Combining the head technology of Wishon golf clubs with the best available shafts, there is no finer service available in to-day’s market.



After years of trying every driver head out there, we at golclub-technology.com found that after the U.S.G.A set all the rules regarding a driver head, i.e. size (460c.c.), no deeper than wide, only so high on the face, moment of inertia limits, and most important of all-coefficient of restitution or characteristic time, if you purchased a quality head that meets all the U.S.G.A. criteria, it really doesn’t matter who’s name is on it-only if it is the right one for you-picked through a dynamic fitting session-with the right shaft- with a reputable club maker

There is a head that meets all of our criteria, and that is a wishon golf clubs 919THi Titanium woodhead, with +5000 g-cm high M.O.I., 460 c.c., variable thickness face and a pleasing non-radical shape, and two colors to choose from.



If there is ever a harder section of clubs to hit well and consistent, we haven’t found it, but things are getting better in the 12 degree to 21 degree area

To compliment his driver head, Tom Wishon Golf Technology has a 927HS fairway head selection in the unconventional R.H. 15 degree, 17 degree, 19 degree, and 21 degree lofts, to allow for customizing your set makeup. These 32mm face height Face, High M.O.I., High C.O.R. fairway heads are designed for complete ease of total playability. They feature a bendable hosel for custom ordering, and come with Wishon's C455 high strength steel thin face that allows for a high COR face approaching the same COR as titanium driver faces. Twin weight bores on the sole combine with the mainstay hosel weight bore to allow the addition of up to 27 grams of weight to offer clubmakers the chance to custom build the 927HS woods to shorter lengths for more consistency and control. 


Wishon golf clubs EQ1-NX Fairway Woods represent the most unique and versatile fairway wood design ever created through a greatly expanded internal weight addition capability to allow custom assembly to achieve a fairway wood single length or to be played at conventional fairway wood lengths.

Available in #3(15*) #4(17*), #5(19*), #7(21*) in RH.  For single length use we recommend a set makeup of #3/#5 for better ball strikers or players with a driver clubhead speed over 95mph and a set makeup of #4/#7 for average players or any golfers with a driver clubhead speed under 95mph.

The spec lie angle of 60* for each EQ1-NX fairway wood is created for assembly to the single length option between 40” and 41”. EQ1-NX fairway woods are capable of being bent up to 2° to allow proper lie fitting when assembled to conventional fairway wood lengths.





The 585PC (Progressive Cavity) irons are the next generation of true forged carbon steel irons from Wishon Golf. As the first company to use CNC machining to create the entire back design of a forged iron with the 560MC in 2007, Wishon Golf has expanded on this with the 585PC, using a unique progressive design across the set. 

  • 585PC combine a progressive cavity back design on the #4 to 7 with a progressive muscleback design on the #8 to AW, with each iron’s back design fully created by CNC machining to achieve a precise position of the CG in each iron.
  • The 585PC cavity back #4 to 7 irons demonstrate a progression of the major rear mass below the back cavity from lowest on the #4 iron, slightly higher with each iron to the #7 iron.  This keeps the CG lower on the low loft irons to enhance launch angle and spin.
  • The 585PC muscleback #8 to AW present a gradual vertical rise in the mass of the muscleback to slightly raise the CG to optimize shot height as loft increases to prevent ballooning of the shot.
  • The 585PC are first 5-step forged from soft 1035C carbon steel before each back design is fully created by CNC machining, to reduce internal voids which results in superior impact feel.
  • The U-groove scorelines of the 585PC are individually CNC machined under 2010 USGA/R&A guidelines and are fully conforming to the Rules of Golf


Every golfer has longed to play the true forged blades that we think we see on the PGA Tour, but after spending years and all of our money, we found out that we all need game improvement iron heads to enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be played-with iron accuracy. Who wouldn’t want to hit forged blades and think that we can work the ball like the PROS. Get over it! It ain’t going to happen. But, we now can get the best of both worlds. 

Tom Wishon designed his 560MC iron heads, and now his 2nd generation 565MC's with get this-forged carbon steel, full game improvement, just slightly oversize, a much deeper CNC machined deep back cavity than typical forged irons, with tour radiused sole, low offset, all giving us the Highest MOI in a True Forged Iron Design. Quite a mouthful, but we think this wishon golf clubs design has set the bar for all future designs.


For the Golfer looking for the ultimate in every aspect of game improvement iron design, the wishon golf clubs, 771CSI iron head is the ultimate in high performance, high ball speed, supreme off-center hit forgiveness available in the iron design today. Featuring a variable thickness face, in a carbon steel body which increases the ball speed to the highest possible level for an iron design, this iron head is designed to push the envelope in every performance feature from ball speed to off-center hit capability. Another Wishon design first, the bar has again been set. Available in LEFT HANDED!





989CLA (Custom Length Assembly) means lighter specification head weight combined with new rear cavity twin weight bores to achieve normal swingweight/MOI assembly at custom lengths from 1 inch under to 1 inch over standard lengths (standard lengths based on 38” #5 iron with half-inch increments between each numbered iron)

Progressive blade height from semi-shallow in the #4, 5 to taller in the wedges keeps the CG lower in the low loft heads while raising the CG in the high loft irons to enable higher flight with the lower lofts and no ballooning flight with the high loft irons.

Modern loft design to compare with other modern strong loft iron designsDeep undercut back cavity design to increase MOI and off-center hit performance with low 2mm offset on each iron in the set

Outstanding sole design with beveled leading and trailing edge design, ideal for all types of grass and turf conditions 

Available in RH in #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW and AW, in bright mirror polish finish with silicon bead blast highlights and medallion cover for rear twin weight bore.



Wishon golf clubs new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.

275g head weight with hosel weight bore allows assembly to any single length between 35.5” and 37.5” while still being able to achieve a reasonable range of swingweight/MOI (depending on shaft weight and grip weight)

319RS & 797HS



Oh the perils of hitting a 2,3,4 iron. Their days are over. Ever since Taylor Made came out with the crude rescue club, golfers have been searching for that hybrid that they can use to replace those long irons.

No one has put more research and development into these clubs than Tom Wishon. His new 797HS and 319RS (rails), with their multiple  weight bores, for custom fitting, their classic hybrid shape and profile, their high ball speed, their split-level sole design, the 319RS double bottom rails, their unique soft stainless steel hosel for a wide range of Lie and Face angle fitting options, and their unique .335 bore diameter, these hybrid models are the cream of the crop.

Be sure to visit our new discovery in hybrids by clicking on S.L.V.L. HYBRIDS? on the left toolbar.


Wishon golf clubs EQ1-NX Hybrids represent the most unique and versatile hybrid design ever created through a greatly expanded internal weight addition capability to allow custom assembly to match single length irons or to be played at conventional hybrid length.   

  • Natural head weight specification of each EQ1-NX hybrid head also allows assembly to conventional hybrid lengths of #4(38”-39”), #5(37.5”-38.5”), #6(37”-38”).  Any length in between 8-iron and conventional hybrid lengths is also capable for an even wider range of fitting options
  • Available in #4(20*), #5(24*), #6(28*) in RH  
  • Spec lie angle for each EQ1-NX hybrid is 63° and are capable of being bent up to 3° to allow proper lie fitting when assembled for you or to conventional hybrid lengths.


Wishon 309HCG Heads

The uniquely innovative 309HCG wedges draw upon the proven science of vertical gear effect to achieve an increase in backspin. 

Experienced clubmakers are aware that impact below the CG (Centre of Gravity) with a driver increases backspin due to the principle of the vertical gear effect. Wishon Golf has employed this lesser known principle of clubhead dynamics to create an all new family of wedges that deliver enhanced backspin by moving mass higher on the head to position the CG above the typical point of impact on the face.  Impact below the CG causes the head to rotate slightly forward which causes the ball to roll up the face to offer a slight increase in backspin over the normal reaction of the ball to the friction of the areas between score lines.  Adding to the spin enhancing weight distribution on the 309HCG wedges is the R&A/USGA legal milled face. 

More mass high on the head raises the CG to create a vertical gear effect on normal impacts to augment the amount of backspin.  

  • R&A/USGA legal milled face augments the effect of the higher CG to enhance backspin.   
  • Available in 50*, 55*, 60* lofts in the traditional sole width version as well as a 55* wide sole model for additional game improvement help from the sand and tall grass.   
  • Designed with zero bounce heel to prevent raising the leading edge when the face is rolled open to reduce the chance of blading/skulling the ball from tight lies.  


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