Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with interactions among humans and other elements of a system (e.g. the tools, equipment, products, tasks, organization, technology, and environment).

You may ask…. Why is ergonomics included in a golf website?

Well, I have discovered the world of ergonomics because of not only my advancing age, but when I herniated all of my five lower discs, I couldn’t not only golf, but I couldn’t sit at my computer for any length of time, couldn’t sit in my beloved lazy boy to watch golf, discovered the wonderful world of inversion table therapy, and generally found out that I had been sitting and standing all wrong my entire life.

We have found that golfers are the best candidates for inversion tables  because they have generally destroyed their backs and core over the years. 


Inversion tables offer several health benefits by suspending the user at an inverted angle, which can be adjusted according to personal preference. The use of Inversion Tables has long been a proven therapy for back pain. When inverting, the force of gravity counteracts compressions in the joints, mainly concentrating on the back, neck and hips.

We stock the Teeter Hang FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table

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This interactive tool finds the right ergonomic height for components of a computer workstation.Remember! Even if your workspace is set up properly you can still get muscle fatigue from maintaining the same posture for too long—adjust the position of your monitor, keyboard and chair as your posture changes.

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